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    Has anyone tried a hard goat cheese and are there many differences to a cheddar?

    Thanks, David

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    I realize this is an old post, as most of them are, but I will reply hoping to maybe get some action on the boards. A goat cheese or chevre is not made the same as a cheddar so it would not be “cheddar”, that does not mean it would not be a great cheese though. Many aged chevre cheeses are fantastic.

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    I have done a few hard goat cheeses with very good success. Goat cheddar was one. I made several 3# wheels and aged them in cream wax over several months. It was excellent with only one issue and that was that the cream wax was difficult to separate from the cheese. I have also made Romano and it has become my favorite no fail cheese. Only problem is that I can’t age it over a few months before it gets eaten. I love goat milk and mix it with store milk to give it a little creamy texture if I am making table cheese or use it straight when making aged cheeses.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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