Hello from the beach in WA

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    Hey everyone! I’m Jenny, and I own a small little 10 acre hobby farm! I’m now a SAHM of a beautiful 15 month old boy, so I have a little bit of time on my hands for cheesemakeing. We have two horses, chickens, 2 labradors, one calf and one dairy cow, Rosie. I usually have all the fresh milk I could ever want, so I have been really trying new recipes to keep this liquid gold from going to waste! Glad to have you all for advice and guidance!


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    Jenny, welcome. You are so lucky to have what most of us long for. A steady supply of raw milk. Hope we can share some advice and experiences.

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    Ray Johnson

    Welcome Jenny. My wife and I have 4 kids, the youngest is almost 10 months now. We have 150 acres and 6 cows and a whole bunch of other animals. What breed is Rosie?

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    I’m also making my own cheese. I will tell you that cheese press steel is very useful in making cheese. At the moment I can not imagine making cheese without it.

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