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    Christopher Church

    Hi, I am brand new to making cheese at home. I come from a second-generation Italian family, and remember my great grandmother made mozzarella at home, a recipe she brought over from Sicily. I want to make homemade cheese to honor my family’s tradition. I also make homemade Limoncello from a family recipe, but that’s a whole other story! Oh and organic dog treats – so easy, cheap and good for my wife’s clients in her dog sitting business, and of course our own furry friends.

    I am having a hard time sourcing acceptable milk for my makings. I’ve contacted a couple of small local dairies and haven’t scored yet. Raw milk would be awesome (only for non-human consumption – you can’t sell raw milk for human consumption in Florida), but I’d settle for milk that has a high fat content and has not been ultrapasteurized or UHT treated. Bought and tried a gallon of organic milk from the grocery store… epic fail. Never set. I’m guessing I didn’t read the label right.

    Anyway, just found the Curd Nerd website while looking for acceptable milks. I’ll post my successes (or failures!) to add to the community.


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    Tom Moran

    Christopher, welcome to the cheese forum. Mozzarella was never an easy cheese for me and I would like to stay in touch and hopefully get some pointers on how to get it right. Michigan has the same laws on raw milk but I live in a remote area and have a few farmers that will sell raw milk to me. I pay them handsome plus give them cheese and have no problem. Another option would be to check out a farm market or natural foods store. They routinely have pasturize but not homogeneous milk that is always expensive but makes great cheese.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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