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    Hi, My name is Nigel Wolstencroft and I live in a small place called Swanwick in Derbyshire, I am originally from Royton near Manchester in what used to be Lancashire before the Government changed the area that immediately surrounds Manchester to Greater Manchester. I moved here with my wife almost 2 years ago as she comes from Derby and she wanted to return here after we had retired. It really is a beautiful area.
    I have been making cheese for around 5 years now and since living here I have found a local dairy farm that supplies me with unhomogenised, pasteurised (British English spelling) full fat milk at a good price.
    I use 17-18 litres at a time to make a wheel of cheese of approx 2.5kg. Tomorrow I will be making my first Emmental, I am hoping it goes well.
    I was going to add a photo of my cheeses but the files size is greater than the 512kb limit unfortunately

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    Ann Nash1

    Hello Nigel my name is Ann Nash and I live in Bournemouth, i have just started to make cheese and would be interested in any tips you can give me.

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    Hi Nigel/Ann.
    I’m Dave, I live in Letchworth Hertfordshire. I’ve always wanted to make cheese, and this year I went on a cheese making course off of Groupon, which gave me the push I needed to get me started. I’ve only made Stilton so far, one is just coming up to 3 weeks old, (pic posted on the soft cheese board), the other coming up for 5 days old.
    Hoping to swap hints and tips and making different varieties

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