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    Ever wandered where that country is?? On the south western side of Africa, between South Africa and Angola.
    A very dry country indeed. I started cheesemaking about 13 years ago while still having my own cows(brownswiss). The milk had enough cream in it and my cheese came out superb. I had to sell because of no grass, no rain and stopped cheesemaking till June this year. Now I buy my milk ,10 liter a week from a local farmer. He takes off a lot of cream , I tested and found 1,5% fatcontent only. I got no idea how old the milk is and how cold it was stored after milking. But I enjoy challenges and make cheese. The first big problem was that my new thermometer registered every drop 8 degrees to low, thus did I heat the poor curds way to much. That is sorted and the cheeses are getting better. Now I tackle the roomdryness getting closer to 80% humidity, dreaming of 90% with 15 degrees temperature. Day temperatures vary between 26 and 42 degrees Celsius currently with no rain. Its a dry country. But I will carry on. Myself was born and bred here in Namibia in 1953 married, my wife comes from South Africa. We have one daughter being a Veterinary surgeon who will emigrate to Cairns in 2017. I hope in this Forum are a lot of cheesemakers with whom I can share.
    Thank you

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    Ulfnamib, don’t know if my last message went through but I have been to your country and loved everything about your land and people. Look forward to exchange of ideas and stories.

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    Good day, a friend of wants to start making cheese. Can you tell me where in Namibia to get the necessary cultures?

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