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    I’m John from Sydney.
    First got the bug for making cheese when I saw the word “cheese” whilst searching the net for something else. I then investigated the methods one has to learn to make home made Artisan cheeses. After a lot of trials and still heaps of errors I managed to find the passion and satisfaction from making Cheese.
    That was back 5 years ago. I then went deeper into my venture with making more types of cheeses, hoping to replicate many european cheeses in all categories. Very successful to date but heaps more to learn.
    Love my washed rind and semi hard cheeses. My cave (my spare fridge) stinks from the washed rind Brevi bacterium linens but the end product is worth while.
    I recently had a day’s workshop with a genuine cheese farmer from hunter Valley region. He was great putting my bad habbits back into place and advising me to buy a Hydrometer.
    I have done so. Now I should get more repeatability.

    Not sure where I go to ask specific questions..
    Especially on ph readings and where to find cheese recipese showing necessary values and stages
    Also have just made a camembert but ph was 4.8 at hooping ?

    Looking forward to some interaction 🙂

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