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    Tony Whiston

    I just joined up I’ve been hoping to get involved in cheese making possible as a by product of making Lactose Acid Bacteria Serum.
    The last batch I made I ended up with about 1250 g of curds and thought what a waste as it was only the whey I needed.
    Would lo e to make hard Cheeses by especially fancie making original Wensleydale cheese using ewes milk as the Monks did originally.
    Kindest regards Tony

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    Tom Moran

    Tony, welcome to the cheese world. Wensledale, or Yorkshire as I call it, is one of the cheese’s I make. I have had several versions as that is the way it goes for experimentation but always the result was great tasting cheese. I got different variations of dryness and texture but always a great cheese. We have almost no ewe’s milk available here in Michigan but I would like to experiment with that. Please post what your cheese finishes like.

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