How do you maintain 90% humidity?

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    I’m new to cheese making and I’m having problems getting my humidity past 70. The cheese is in a thermo-electric wine cooler with the temp set at 51.

    I tried the wet paper towels to no avail, now I’m trying this air stone set up I devised today. Let’s hope it works.

    Curious as how you deal with this

    New Jersey

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    I’ve read people use small personal humidifier’s in their cheese fridge/cave’s. Though the problem I’ve had is that my humidifier creates too much humidity. Even on the lowest setting, mine will create over 100% humidity within an hour and go through a full bottle of water within about 8 hours.

    Not sure if my humidifier is not functioning correctly or if I need to find something else? It is the smallest humidifier I could find. It is also one that was recommended on another cheese making site.

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    I put a mug of boiling(ish) water in the bottom of the fridge periodically to give it a boost.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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