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    I have been making cheese for a few years now, love eating and making it. I make quark and ricotta, cheddar, camembert, blue, farmhouse, feta and parmesan.
    My husband, child and myself live on 10 acres with 2 dogs 7 cows 1 chicken and lots of gold fish, we grow most of our fruit and vegies and make fish fert. we swap and barter with mates and neighbours for anything we dont do ourself, thats how i get as much raw milk as i want from a farmer who milks year round, he loves to eat cheese from his own cows but doesent have the time to make it, so its a win all round. We have a ginnypig that lives in the kitchen, he eats most things and worms wont give you a cuddle.
    I want to start making different types of cheese so your forum will help me.

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