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    Just joined this forum today but have been making cheese off and on for around 3 years. I have had my successes along with some epic fails! Right now I am trying to get my new cheese fridge set up properly, struggling with the humidity. My husband won a Haier brand wine fridge through his work, really flash with a glass door and beautiful shelving set up. It has both warm and cool settings for red and white wines, so in my widsom I stole it right away and set it up for my cheese! I can keep it at a steady temperature by using a bypass set up, ie. a reptile mat control that I bought through Amazon. I have a cigar humidifier which seemed to work well in my old fridge but I just cannot get the humidity up high enough in this new one. I call it a work in progress … I WILL make it happen.
    At the moment I have camembert on the go – I have made beautiful camembert in the past but in the last six months every one of them has ended up like a soggy pancake. But so far this one looks okay.
    I also have a Tallegio just about ready to go in the cheese fridge, just doing a bit of drying on the bench.
    I have joined this forum in the hope that you are all a helpful bunch, and that when I scream H..E..L..P – there might be someone out there to give me some advice.

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