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    Having had my arm twisted by Alan several times about getting into cheese making – taking advantage of a nearby producer of raw milk – we now have 4 lovely camembert aging in the fridge, a blue Stilton about to be matured in a chilli bin and a second-hand fridge waiting in the garage to be temperature-controlled as a cheese cave. Not to mention all the other paraphenalia – despite everything I’m hooked and hopefully will have the patience needed to refrain from tasting before properly ripe!

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    Wow – Wanganui (When I saw that, had to write)

    My late uncle Joe’s family lived around there, surname McIlroy. We lived in Stokes Valley for a year or so in the early 70’s but returned to the warmth of the African sun 🙂

    We’re in the starting phases of our Dairy Goat enterprise here in Southern Mozambique. Have a small herd of Toggenburgs and British Alpines. The Toggs are best. Just getting going on the cheeses and it’s coming together slowly.

    All the best with your endeavours, so much quality dairy to tap into in NZ. I’m envious

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