Melting Halloumi

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    Hi, I have been making cheese at home for over 5 years now.
    Recently, my halloumi has begun to melt when I fry it in the pan. I am using day fresh milk, using a quality rennet, and of course no cultures.
    My cheesemaking area and equipment is very clean and sterile.
    Once curd is cut it is stirred and heated to 40C, then hooped into the mould and is pressed for an hour before cutting into 150g portions.
    After this it is cooked in whey at 80-90C for an hour. Then cooled and placed into brine. The brine is 8% salt, and water is straight from the tap – I had it tested for nasties etc.

    It is only when the halloumi has been storred in a container of brine for over 1 month that the defects seem to occur.
    The brine will thicken sometimes to a point its like slime.
    The containers will bulge as if there is gas being produced.
    And when I fry it up, it just melts into a puddle of goo.

    I am thinking there is some bacteria getting in at some point just dont know where.
    I have tried adding more salt to slow down the bacteria – didnt work.
    I added Clc2 – didnt work
    I became stricter again with cleanliness – didnt work.

    Any ideas?


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