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    Guilherme Lange

    Does anybody know the initial PH of the milk to start the Swiss and Gouda recipes?
    Also, what should be the indicated PH of the water to wash the curds on Gouda recipe?

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    That is a good question. There are some much better than I to answer that one. I got some pH strips and couldn’t get a measurable difference during the make process. I was told I needed a good pH meter and got one but didn’t get much better reading. I believe that the real acidity takes place after the curds are set and during the initial aging process. Let’s see what others say to this question.

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    Ray Johnson

    Starting pH of milk varies with animal diet/ health and how old the milk is (older milk will drop in pH as bactera start to digest it). Somewhere around 6.7 is normal. It is the bacterial action of the starter bacteria that you add (and the native bacreria of them milk to some extent) that lowers the pH towards the acidic side. pH curve varies with the type of starter you use and the temperature you hold the milk at. Typically if you are using pH meters you should see a pH drop of around .1 before adding rennet and then it will continue downward from there as you follow the recipie. As for water it should be around pH 7 (neutral). Test strips usually aren’t very helpfully unless you have some that are designed for the pH you are measuring (7-4.6) or somewhere in there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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