Relative Newby From Oz.

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    Lindsay Dive

    G’day Curd Nerds,
    I consider myself relatively new to cheese making. I started and stopped on three previous occasions because my cheeses were very inconsistent. I put this down to the commercial milk I was able to buy. I now have a friend who has recently bought two Jersey Cows and he has bought a milking machine.
    I have recently bought all the necessary cultures and enzymes to begin again.
    I have some Camembert’s and a Cheddar in the cave at the moment.
    I’m confident this time around.

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    Ray Johnson

    Welcome Lindsay. You are lucky to have access to such nice milk! Jersy milk can get a little tricky later in lactation and during winter due to the butter fat increasing during that time (less milk and lots of long stemmed hay = more butterfat to milk solids). Nothing you can’t work around but when talking cammemberts they get stiffer (like double cream brie) and Cheddar’s can start to ooze fat to the sturface during aging. Just something to be aware of and just skim some cream off and make butter or cream cheese along side your regular cheeses!

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