How to Wash Your Cheese Grater Properly with a Faucet?

There will be hardly anyone who doesn’t enjoy the taste of cheese. And if it is a grated mozzarella, it can be even more difficult to resist it. The addition of this dairy product can enhance the flavor of your dish in a snap.

Whether you like pizza (check out our ultimate guide to best cheese for pizza), pasta, burger, veggie salad, or something else, a dash of monterey jack cheese can elevate your dish’s overall flavor and aroma. Even if you are not in a mood to eat, you may not let it go.

So, such is its attraction. But while it tastes heavenly, its grating process can feel like a nightmare, especially when it comes to cleaning your grater.

Cleaning cheese grater
The grooves in the grater can easily catch the soft, greasy cheese shreds and refuse to discard them. You may rush for a sponge to get rid of the mess without even realizing the aftermath. Your attention can be on getting that tool clean.

It is undoubtedly an important aspect. If you don’t remove residues after every use properly, the buildup of food in the holes can turn worse and contaminate your next meal. It can prove risky for you and your family’s health. Upset stomachs and allergies can make your lives even more challenging.

Hence, it makes sense to look for solutions. Do you have a kitchen faucet with sprayer? If yes, you can address this concern without any worries.

Tips for cleaning cheese gear with kitchen sink faucet

How to Clean a Cheese Grater properly with a Faucet
Cheese can be super greasy and sticky. Hence, removing it can be no less than pain. However, if you have a pulldown faucet in your kitchen, you may not fret much. The forceful sprayer of the tap can dislodge all the particles to give you a clean and safe tool.

However, before this, you may want to do a few things. Some recommend that you should soak your grater in hot water for some time so that the cheese residues don’t become stubborn.

And when you start cleaning it with a brush, these leave the holes immediately under pressure from your faucet sprayer. This technique is advisable if you have other urgent works to attend.

Otherwise, lemons are also natural, amazing scrubbers. The acidic effects of the lime can weaken the fatty cheese. You have to rub fleshy pulp over metal, again and again, to get the gunk out of the tight holes. And if that is not sufficient, you can add salt to the pulp.

The abrasiveness comes in handy in removing the stubborn remnants. After this, you can expose your grater to faucet’s sprayer to dislodge any remains. Make sure you run hot water on the holes. A combination of warm water and forceful sprayer from the pulldown kitchen sink faucet can prove lethal.

It is essential that when you pursue this cleaning task, you are careful with how you do it. The grooves can injure you. Also, avoid using a scrub pad. When you scrub it on the surface, the fiber from it can get stuck in the holes, making your cleaning task even more risky and painful.

Anyway, if you end up doing this by mistake, don’t feel baffled. Resort to your pulldown faucet’s sprayer and run hot water on the holes. Since these faucet designs offer you incredible reach and flexibility, you can target the gaps well to rinse off the fiber.

It will be right to say that if you have a modern pulldown faucet in your kitchen, you don’t need to take much tension with your daily cleaning task, whether it involves a cheese grater or something else. The powerful sprayer can quickly dislodge any irritating spots or remnants.

Points to consider when buying a pulldown kitchen sink faucet

Most of the appliances that you use in your cooking zone reflect your working style. Going by this, the choice of sink and faucet is also the result of the same behavior. Hence, it would help if you pay attention to features that make you feel comfortable using them.

To be precise, a pulldown faucet is one of the advanced and efficient kitchen items. You can come across this design with single and double handles. Some homeowners opt for double lever because they find this easy to operate in terms of temperature control. However, it may not be a suitable option for you.

In that case, you can rely on a single handle pulldown faucet to solve your problems. These models work like any regular single lever kitchen taps, but they come with advanced traits, such as dual-function spray head.

You can use the same feature for aerated stream or powerful spray depending on the need. You can use the aerated stream for filling pots and pans and sprayer for rinsing tasks. As hinted above already, pulldown sprayers can eliminate greasy residues of the cheese with their impactful water force.

Besides, these models are nowadays available in a spot-free stainless-steel body. It prevents tap from getting smudged by food particles or attracting marks left behind by fingerprints.

For the same reason, you can relax when handling your cheese grater or any other equipment. The surface will not allow grease or fat to rest on it for a long time. An even if something stays there, you can use a soft wet wipe to remove it. Your faucet will immediately return to its original shine and look.Although there is a swathe of faucet designs in the market, you can sort out plumbing issues in your kitchen by being focused on a choice that resembles your habits and working style. If you are a hygiene-conscious and a busy chef, you can particularly benefit from this type of faucet.

The long tap with a curvy neck can accommodate any heavy and tall pan or pot with ease to help you fill up water faster. Simultaneously, the pulldown sprayer with two options of water flow makes your everyday job even easier. The sprayer can force out difficult cheese spots and other residues, while the aerator stream can fill your pots.