How to Make Deep Fried Chicken Cheese Balls

Deep fried chicken cheese balls with homemade cheese

Deep fried chicken cheese balls with homemade cheese

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So you have a hankering for some tasty chicken, but not just any kind of chicken, you want some crispy deep-fried chicken cheese balls! This is one of the best choices ever and cooking it isn’t difficult at all. Making yourself a nice batch of these chicken balls can make everyone happy. Here are the steps needed for you to get it all done perfectly.

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Is Cheese Making Seasonal?

Is Cheese Making Seasonal? Seasonal Cheese

Last night we had the first frost of the coming Winter season.

And it was a good one. At -5º Celsius overnight the ground was icy white by this morning.

The first frost always signals a few changes for me. The frost cloths go on the citrus trees in our edible garden, the Yams get dug over after the first frost kills off the tops of the plants, and I prepare to get the Garlic planted to grow over the Winter.

It’s also my signal to stop making cheese for the Winter. Read more