Cheese Making Recipe Book Review

“Artisan Cheese Making At Home” by Mary Karlin

The world of home cheese making can be very overwhelming as a beginner. All the terms can get quite confusing and the processes are no easier. At least, that’s how I felt when I first started making cheese.

That’s why I decided to create Curd Nerd; so that other beginners to home cheese making had a resource to turn to when the times got tough.

Alas, Curd Nerd has grown a lot since then, and I can now say that we have resources not only for beginners, but also for more experienced home cheese makers.

Making cheese at home and creating Curd Nerd has definitely been a journey, to say the least, and one resource that has helped me time and time again is a wonderful book called “Artisan Cheese Making At Home.” It is now available in a range of formats and having a cheese making ebook handy can do you wonders.

 Cheese Making Ebook - Artisan Cheese Making

 Cheese Making Recipe book

A Source Of Learning & Inspiration

When the book was published in 2011 I was still learning the skill of home cheese making, and so this became a vital resource for my learning. Between this book and learning off skilled individuals, my cheese making improved drastically.

In fact, I still turn to this book on the odd occasion to gain some inspiration for new cheese recipes or flavour combinations.

As my knowledge and skill of home cheese making increased, Curd Nerd became a place that I could impart my knowledge onto others in the online world. At that stage, there really weren’t many resources around online for a home cheese maker and finding answers to those tedious troubleshooting questions was near impossible.

Cheese Making Ebook - Artisan Cheese Making

My vision was that Curd Nerd could be a free resource available to home cheese makers around the world, so that they could learn and gain inspiration, as I wanted to. And I do believe that vision has come to fruition.

With that said, Curd Nerd would not be where it is today if I hadn’t learnt and taken inspiration from “Artisan Cheese Making At Home.” I believe that this is still one of the leading cheese making books on the market, and I feel that every home cheese maker could benefit from having this book handy.

A Cheese Making Recipe Book That Cannot Be Missed

The book goes through all the basics that you will need to know as a beginner to home cheese making. From the equipment and ingredients you may need, to processes, techniques and even habits of successful cheese making. Then you will start to go through cheese recipes for beginners such as Queso Blanco and Mascarpone.

For the more experienced home cheese makers, there are a range of recipes available in this book that you can try your hand at. Perhaps a Cocoa-Rubbed Dry Jack Cheese or a Smoked Brandy-Pecan Gorgonzola? You can go wild trying as many different types of cheeses as your heart desires.

I believe that the best way to truly enjoy a cheese is by itself, or perhaps with the right cracker and condiment. However, if you wanted to try your cheese in a more interesting way, the book also covers a range of ways to use your cheese in other recipes. You could try the Manchego and Saffron Flan, or maybe the Curried Saag Paneer. Although this is not what draws me to this book, it is a bonus for those who love to cook with cheese.

Cheese Making Ebook - Artisan Cheese Making

Accessing “Artisan Cheese Making At Home”

I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of “Artisan Cheese Making At Home.” It is a fantastic resource to have for any home cheese maker, no matter your level of experience. Although it is very handy to have an online resource such as Curd Nerd, where you can search for troubleshooting tips or interact on forums, it is just as good to have written material such as this which is revered by so many.

You can purchase “Artisan Cheese Making At Home” in a different formats, depending on what you prefer. Below is a list of online purchasing options:

Cheese Making Ebook

Cheese Making Ebook - Artisan Cheese Making

Have you read “Artisan Cheese Making At Home?” What tips have you picked up and which recipes have you tried? Let the Curd Nerd community know in the Forum