Cheese Making Recipe Book Review

Cheese Making Ebook - Artisan Cheese Making

“Artisan Cheese Making At Home” by Mary Karlin

The world of home cheese making can be very overwhelming as a beginner. All the terms can get quite confusing and the processes are no easier. At least, that’s how I felt when I first started making cheese.

That’s why I decided to create Curd Nerd; so that other beginners to home cheese making had a resource to turn to when the times got tough. Read more

Cheese Board Ideas For A Hot Summers Christmas Day

cheese board ideas for home made cheese

As you may know, Christmas in my part of the world is a hot summers day. To me, that means swimming, barbeques, prawns and cocktails. This year, Christmas is at my place, so of course I want to be sharing my gorgeous home made cheese for my family to enjoy. I will be kicking off the day with a couple of cheesy starters before our traditional Christmas barbeque, and in this post I want to share my Christmas cheese board ideas for summer.

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Cheese Christmas Gifts – Give A Cheesy Gift This Year

Cheese Christmas Gifts - Give A Cheesy Gift This Year

The festive season is certainly upon us, with less than a month until Christmas.

The stores are decorated, the carols have started (far too early in my mind) and the preparations have begun with cards, gifts and thoughts of indulgent Christmas dinners.

In the years since I started making cheese, it’s been my honor to break out a good home made cheese later on in the early evening when lunch has settled and the family feel like just a little nibble more.

So last week I set up six lovely raw milk Camembert to age over the last few weeks before Christmas, ready to be enjoyed for Christmas supper. Read more

Keeping A Cheese Journal Will Help You Make Better Cheese

Keeping A Cheese Journal Will Help You Make Better Cheese


Cheese making is a constant opportunity for learning and improving.

With every cheese you make, there are a variety of changes that can occur naturally, be made purposefully or happen accidentally that will alter your end product subtly, or completely.

The variables are many which means there are plenty of learning curves to experience when you get into cheese making. Read more