The Ten Cheesiest Meals at Fast Food Restaurants

Let’s say it out loud: Everything tastes better with cheese. There’s something magical about the gooey dairy product that can turn a regular meal into a feast.

cheesiest fast food meals

Cheese comes in all forms; some of them are artisanal products of elite status, while others are legendary. The truth is that most of the cheese we eat is just of the regular kind, but we still love it.

We can’t talk about cheese without mentioning fast food, not because cheese is cheap, but because even fast food is massively improved with a yellow slice of perfectly good cheese.

These are the cheesiest meals at fast-food restaurants. Have you tried them? Or did we miss your favorite? Let us know!

KFC Mac n’ Cheese

Kentucky Fried Chicken still has the biggest piece of the pie when it comes to fried chicken; they’re everywhere, and they’re good. 

KFC, on the other hand, has always suffered from decent complements (except for their awesome biscuits.) When it comes to cheesy fast-food side dishes, their mac n’ cheese has to be in the top ten. Sure, it’s not the cheesiest item, but it’s incredibly flavorful.

Excellent for adults or kids, this side of elbow-shaped macaroni has a lovely cheddar-based sauce that tastes right. If you love cheese, you’ll love the simplicity of this side dish.

Taco Bell Cheese Roll-up

For a time, this two-biter went for one dollar, this is the most cheese you’ll get in the country for that kind of money. A wheat flour tortilla, filled with a blend of three types of cheese, rolled tightly and heated until melty perfection, what could be better than this?

Order yours with extra cheese and a side of yellow nacho cheese sauce for dipping. That’s all the cheese you need for a week in a finger lickin’ treat that reminds us that, sometimes, simple is better. Enjoy it while it’s steaming hot.

Check the price of this item in real-time here.

McDonald’s Cheddar Melt

Something of a legend, the Cheddar Melt appeared on McDonald’s menu in 1988 and lived a glorious reputation throughout the nineties, then it was gone.

People still remember the delicious burger with sautéed onions, teriyaki sauce, and a massive blob of cheddar sauce. Some people have spotted in Wisconsin recently, and it seems to come back every decade or so.

International McDonald’s menus sometimes feature it too, which means you might have to travel to Brazil to try it, or you’ll have to wait for the cheesiest McDonald’s burger to resurface. 

There’s an active campaign to bring it back on various social networks, so perhaps you should join the fight.

Wendy’s Cheesy Cheddarburger

This simple burger is not flashy but it is honest. A Canadian beef patty, a slice of melted cheese and cheese sauce. And cheese over more cheese is hard to beat — it’s a statement. 

This sandwich makes the list because it offers value. Cheesy items are usually on the expensive side, so we appreciate a good dose of cheese for the right price. 

Not the most substantial burger on the menu, you can easily pack a few of these sandwiches in one sitting. 

Competition is fierce, but we will remember you Wendy’s; we’ll remember the time you got our back with a cheesy snack for just over a buck.

Jack in the Box Bacon Cheddar Potato Wedges

Here’s a winning recipe: potato wedges topped with generous cheddar cheese sauce, shredded cheese, and crispy bacon bits. 

Potato wedges or fries, where do you stand? Fries are crowd-pleasers, and when done right, they’re downright unbeatable, but wedges have their own thing going on. Of course, if you’ve had plain wedges before, you know something is just not right, without cheese, wedges are doughy and starchy. Cheese turns them into something else, something really nice. 

The good folks at Jack in the Box knows this, and they make sure their potato wedges have enough cheese to make them shine. 

Pizza Hut Cheesy 7

Seven kinds of cheese make this pizza the cheesiest pie of them all. Pizza Hut has played with its seven-cheese pizza for years, tweaking it and rebuilding it in an ever-changing evolution. 

It’s kind of a trade secret, but we’ll tell you: Romano, Provolone, Monterrey Jack, Cheddar, Mozzarella Parmesan, and a soft Cream Cheese. A dream team right there.

We might never see this number of cheeses together again, and the Cheesy 7 might not be around forever (at least as we know it,) so try it. 

Burger King Cheesy Tots

These delicious one-biters are legendary and even ghostly. They’ve appeared and disappeared from Burger King’s menu without notice for the last few decades. 

If you haven’t seen them before, this small melted cheese and potato bites covered in breadcrumbs are a no-brainer alternative to fries. Eight per order, they’ll make you forget you came for the burgers; they’re that good.

There’s a bacon cheesy tot version with tiny bits of crispy bacon mingling inside the starchy cheese core, but if you’re lucky, you’ll find the sans-bacon cheesy tots, that rely on nothing but their cheesy personality for flavor, and they’re doing just fine.

Arby’s Beef ‘n Cheddar Sandwich

Now for the big boys. The Arby’s Beef n’ Cheddar sandwich is one of the most popular items in the, otherwise, awkward Arby’s menu. 

It all starts with an onion roll filled with the good old roast beef that’s kept the chain afloat. Red ranch dressing brings a bright, tangy flavor to the sandwich, but it’s the cheddar cheese is what makes this bad boy sing. 

Here’s a tip: Order the Double Beef ‘n Cheddar sandwich, it has not only twice the roast beef, but it has two layers of cheddar in a perfect meat-to-cheese ratio.

Domino’s Extra Cheesy Pizza

Domino’s has walked the extra mile to stay on top of the pizza game. In the end, with so much competition, you have to bring out the big guns. 

Domino’s launched its six-cheese pizza as an homage to the cheese-making powerhouse that is the state of Wisconsin; and it’s better known as the Extra Cheesy Pizza. Mozzarella, cheddar, feta, provolone, Parmesan, and asiago merge into a genuinely stringy pizza with little competition. 

Domino’s is slowly getting back in the game, and with pies like this one, they might someday take the lead like in the good old days. 

Taco Bell Nacho Fries Supreme

Taco Bell is the only fast-food chain to get two items on our list, but they’ve earned it. Their nachos could easily be on the list too, being naturally cheesy snacks, but the real deal comes in the form of nacho fries.

The cheese to MOC (matter other than cheese) ratio is ridiculous. This dish is cheese topped with fries and not the other way around if you know what we mean. Seasoned beef, sour cream, and tomatoes make it today’s winner.