Why Pancakes are Not Complete Without Cheese?

There’s nothing quite like a fresh stack of pancakes for breakfast, topped with your favorite combination of fruits and syrup. But not everyone has a sweet tooth, especially not first thing in the morning.

Luckily, there are quite a variety of savory pancakes that will tantalize your taste buds. From potato pancakes, savory crepes, and cheesy pancakes with the right selection of cheeses, they will make a great alternative to sweet toppings on your pancakes, and also make your meal far more nutritious. 

Here’s why you need to start adding cheese to your pancakes. 

Pancakes with Cheese Recipe

IMAGE SOURCE: https://unsplash.com/photos/79GAfW52ZKg

Healthier Treat 

Cheese is packed with protein and calcium, which makes it a much healthier alternative to conventional toppings. Syrups are loaded with artificial sugar, also known as sucrose, which can cause digestive issues, as well as more serious health complications such as diabetes.

Cheese gives your pancake recipe a rich taste without compromising your health. If you’re on a strict diet, ditch parmesan, blue cheese and gruyere, and opt for healthier alternatives such as feta, cottage, and Swiss cheese. By adding cheese, you’re also more likely to add fruits or oatmeal to the mixture, which provides your body with your needed intake of fiber. 

Delicious Recipes

Aside from opting for the healthier option, adding cheese to your pancakes also makes them far more delicious and flavorful. If you don’t have your own pancake recipe, food bloggers always urge their followers to try different combinations from food blogging websites to see what works best for them. 

Follow your favorite chefs on social media pages to take your topping game to the next level. Some chefs recommend frying your pancakes in butter rather than adding it as a topping, before throwing in your favorite kind of cheese. Remember that adding more ingredients doesn’t always make your recipe better. Some of the most delicious recipes can include just two to three ingredients as your topping. 

Wide Variety 

If you start adding cheese to your pancakes, you’ll realize that you have much more variety than you do with other conventional toppings. That said, some cheeses also go great with sweet syrups, which blend sweet and savory flavors to make the perfect breakfast treat. 

Cheese can also be added as you butter-fry your pancakes if you like your treat to be grilled. You can add an extra egg with sour cream for a richer taste, or throw in some smoked bacon with shredded cheddar instead of serving them separately.  

Goes Great with Fruits

Adding fruit to your pancakes can satiate your sweet tooth without drowning your meal in maple syrup. Some fruits go great with specific kinds of cheese, such as watermelon cubes and feta, pear and brie slices, apple and shredded cheddar, and mango with goat cheese. You can look up more combinations, or make your own. Make sure to do a taste test before you add them to your meal, as some flavors may clash. 

Simply put, a pancake recipe is not complete without cheese. While adding your favorite kind of shredded cheese makes your pancake healthier, it also gives it a richer taste. You can add your choice of fruits or syrups to the mixture to make your very own recipe, or you can browse pancake hacks online if you want to bring the American diner experience to your home.