QA4 – I Stored My Feta In Brine And Now It’s Too Salty!

Is Feta Cheese Salty? Why Is Feta Cheese Salty?

Storing your Feta in Brine is the most common way to preserve this cheese, but what do you if your Feta ends up too salty to enjoy?

Everyone enjoys different levels of salt and Feta is a cheese that has a saltier taste associated with it due to the aging method and the usual preservation method.

In fact if you ever get the chance to eat a traditional Feta from Greece or Cyprus, it’s likely the cheese will be much more salty than any other Feta you’ve eaten.

But, after the hard work you put into your Feta, it can be disappointing when you end up with a batch of cheese that is inedible because of too much salt. Read more

How To Make Feta Cheese At Home

Easy How To Make Feta Cheese At Home Recipe

Learning how to make Feta cheese is quicker and easier then you might think. Follow our easy to follow step by step recipe below and start enjoying homemade Feta cheese.

Feta is a soft brined curd cheese originating in Greece. It is traditionally made with sheeps or goats milk but I make mine with Cows milk. 

Feta is normally cut and stored in cubes and is a lovely addition to salads, pastries and with fresh vegetables.

It has a reasonably salty flavour, particularly if stored in brine. Read more