How To Make Blue Cheese Cultures (Penicillium Roqueforti)

How To Make Blue Cheese Cultures (Penicillium Roqueforti)

In this article you will learn step by step how to make your own blue cheese culture (Penicillium Roqueforti) at home.

The best part?

You will save hundreds of dollars by producing your own Penicillium Roqueforti.

And if that’s not enough…

It allows you to have blue cheese cultures on hand for when you make your next blue cheese at home.

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How To Make Mesophilic Cheese Cultures At Home

Cheese Cultures Make Your Own Mesophilic Cultures

This article will guide you, step by step, to make your own cheese cultures at home.

By doing this you will save a lot of money from buying thermophilic and mesophilic cultures so often.

Allowing you to make more homemade cheese for less costs.

That’s not all…

We will cover what are cheese cultures, mesophilic cultures and thermophilic cultures. Outlining which cultures should be used for certain cheeses.

The bottom line is I have been doing this for years and it has saved me a pretty penny.

It has allowed me to make more delicious cheeses then I would have been able to, if I had to buy starter cultures all the time.

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What Is Lipase? The Purpose Of Lipase In Cheese Making

What Is Lipase The Purpose Of Lipase In Cheese Making

If you are new to the hobby of cheese making, you might have no idea, just as I didn’t when I first started out. I had never heard of it in any context and it took a bit of research to learn why and when I would use it.

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What Is The Best Milk For Cheese Making?

Best Milk For Cheese Making - making cheese from milk

If you’ve been making cheese for any period of time you’re probably aware of the conversations about raw milk versus pasteurized milk, or perhaps you’ve already started thinking about it from your own perspective.


If you do a quick Google search on raw milk vs pasteurized milk you can get lost in the plethora of information and sometimes heated debate about this subject very easily.

But what’s the fuss all about milk and how does it affect Cheese Making? Read more

What Is Calcium Chloride (CaCI2) | When To Use In Cheese

What Is Calcium Chloride (CaCI2) | When To Use In Cheese

Here at Curd-Nerd I’ve mentioned Calcium Chloride(caci2) a few times, mostly in relation to brine solutions, and you may have also seen it listed as an ingredient in the cheese recipe books you have.

What Is Calcium Chloride (CACI2)?

Calcium Chloride (CaCI2) is a salt solution, which is used in cheese making to restore the calcium balance of milk.

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Cheese Salt For Home Cheese making – What Is It?

Cheese Salt - What Is Cheese Salt

In this article we will explain the burning question of what is cheese salt?

The best part?

Why it is a must for home cheese making and it’s purpose during the making and aging of cheese.

That’s not all…

Why is it different to kosher salt and normal table salt.

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